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  We provide the video technology building blocks that make it easy for educational institutions, live event organizers, television producers and video editors to create, mix, stream and record amazing-looking video content.   We have two main focus areas: Video Technology Products – video mixing, virtual studio, live streaming Broadcast Graphics & Design – virtual […]

Who We Are

In April 2013, a team of professionals from diverse backgrounds came together with a single passion – to make a difference in the manner in which people use computer graphics.     April Broadcast brings together about 200 man-years of wide-ranging experiences… …from Broadcast Television to Architecture & Engineering …from Game Development to Defense & Homeland Security […]

Motion Backgrounds

Motion Backgrounds and other Broadcast quality still images for virtual sets and video production, created by our designers are available at all your favorite portals. Click on any of the links below and you will taken straight to our section where you can browse, choose and download a variety of Broadcast quality graphics.     […]


    AB-LIVE Broadcast series 3D Virtual sets AB-Live has added support for 3D virtual sets for added realism for Broadcast Television. This allows you to simulate a full range of jib shots, pan, tilt, zoom and dolly, within the gamut permitted by a trackless camera system. Great looking programs just got a lot more […]