About us

Welcome to April Broadcast™ – our objective is to enable YOU to create visually-rich content, for yourself and for your audience.

You probably already know that you can use live video streaming to communicate with your INTERNAL teams.

You also probably know that you can:

  • Share your slides or videos
  • Ask questions
  • Get replies via SMS or Twitter
  • Make video calls
  • Add your company logo

Did you also know that you can make it look like your program was shot in a fancy studio, while it’s actually being done in your office?

With our unique, real time, 2-way, live streaming technology, we can help you to engage your internal and external online audiences, in order to execute How-to videos, introduce schemes, conduct nationwide town-halls and hold live interactive online conferences.

We also provide building blocks of video technology that make it easy for Educational Institutions, Professors, Live Event Organizers, Bloggers, Television producers and Video editors to Create, Mix, Brand, Stream and Record amazing-looking video content!

Our product ABLive™ combines virtual studio capability with a high level of interactivity making it useful for running Virtual Classrooms for Interactive Distance Learning and other types of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). Integration with Microsoft Skype, Google Hangouts and Twitter feeds, brings the internet audience closer to the studio audience for a unique integrated experience.

We have a range of products for the wedding video editing market AriseHD™ ,Arise400™, AriseTX™.

Aprilbroadcast.tv, our broadcast graphics portal offers a variety of green screen backgrounds (virtual sets) and seamless, loopable motion backgrounds across various categories like Business, Education, News, Entertainment (Music and Movies), Talk Shows, Weather, Sports, Kids Shows, etc.

The virtual sets are available in 3D and 2D, SD and HD, in Autodesk’s 3Ds .Max, Adobe Photoshop’s .psd, NewTek’s LiveSet .exe, VizRT’s .via and Ross Video formats. We also undertake custom development of bespoke virtual studio sets.

Our unique Do-It-Yourself, FREE* live streaming service, ABStream™ is a solution that allows you to take your own video, brand it with your own organizational/business logo and stream it to a customized webpage, where people can easily view it on their smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. ABStream™ Elite enables individual trainers to mix their own live videos with PowerPoint slides or prerecorded video and add logos/tickers before live streaming it out!