The benefits of having a digital (read: online) presence is now known to just about any and every one.

If some had doubts, those have probably been “wiped clean”, with people forced to confine themselves to their homes, during the pandemic.

In the past few weeks, people have done just about every conceivable thing online.

From banking to singing, learning yoga and browsing online museums. They have even attended corporate meetings and video-called neighbours in the next building!

Not just those working from home, others, irrespective of age, sex, religion or demographic, have been browsing the internet and using mobile apps for everything.

It is clear that the digital world is the place to be. Those who had ignored or neglected it till now are ensuring that they take their business processes online – to the extent possible.

April Broadcast with its experience in digital technology, especially digital marketing and interactive live streaming, is now helping organisations to:

  • Create a well-defined Business Strategy – if they don’t already have one, or haven’t articulated it well enough.
  • Deliver it via Digital Marketing – decide which platforms are best suited for their kind of business, profession or service, design the content (posts/text/image/video) and post them on those platforms.
  • Engage with Interactive Streaming – and other methods that various digital platforms offer.

Talk to us to learn how we can help you do this – by leveraging digital platforms, so that you can increase your reach, globally, and save on costs too!

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