We provide the video technology building blocks that make it easy for educational institutions, live event organizers, television producers and video editors to create, mix, stream and record amazing-looking video content.


A visual message is absorbed faster – over 60,000 times faster – than text.
Infotainment – providing information in a manner that is fun, visually pleasing, almost entertaining – is considered as the most effective method of communicating.

The proof?
Over ONE HUNDRED HOURS of video is being uploaded to YouTube… every MINUTE!
People love ‘watching’ a show – be it on TV, in the theatres, on desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones!

Welcome to April Broadcast

Our objective is to enable YOU to create visually-rich content, for yourself and for your audience.

By a clever mix of available technologies, we bring you solutions that help you to do this:

    • Powerful and effective virtual studio solutions.
    • Cost-effective, but premium-looking virtual sets and green screen backgrounds.
    • Versatile vision mixers to create beautiful audio-video films