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Even if your product is exceptional. And so is your packaging. Unless the design that is printed on your package looks really appealing, your customers are likely to miss it when they walk past it on the department store shelves.

Package design involves understanding more than just graphical layouts, it involves knowledge of the printing process and of the type of packaging material being used.

Fortunately, we understand all of this. And you can sit back knowing that you are in good hands.

Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale Established in 1950, Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale is a pioneer in the field of sweets, snacks and other confectionaries. The brand and the trademark ‘tastefulness’ associated with it, has made Chitale a household name all across Maharashtra and India. When it was time for a fresh, new look for their design of Namkeen and Ready Mixes, they relied on April Broadcast’s deep understanding of packaging. The result: a brand new theme, representing a beaming sun with the product being prominently highlighted in the foreground.


A prominent player in the dry toast market, Nutri-Bake wanted to enter the retail market with a modern, new look. The pack was designed keeping in mind the colour preference of the target audience, while making it easy for them to identify the different flavours. The vertical lines in the background give the pack an enhanced ‘vertical’ look.

Arya Cashewnuts 

A brand of the international, award-winning Sahakari Spice Farms located in Goa, is renowned for its environmental conservation projects and high quality, organic produce. Printed retail packs for cashewnuts is a first for them. The logo and packaging was to convey a simple, yet powerful visual. A bright, colourful graphical representation of the cashew fruit was chosen to match the bold red logo.

ACP Foods  

This is the Food Division of a larger group primarily involved in health and health-care products. Retail packs of Khakra were being introduced for the first time in specialised packing. The design was to have striking, but fresh colours with a window at the back, to show the actual product.

Santulan Santulan Ayurveda, founded by the award-winning, world-famous spiritual Ayurvedic teacher and healer, Shreeguru Dr. Balaji Tambe has been manufacturing high quality Ayurvedic products since 1984. For their first foray into retail packaging of their Food and Spice products, they picked April Broadcast. The mandate was to have a minimalistic design which embodies warm, earthy colours that reflect the Ayurvedic Centre’s core values.