AB-LIVE Broadcast series 3D Virtual sets
AB-Live has added support for 3D virtual sets for added realism for Broadcast Television. This allows you to simulate a full range of jib shots, pan, tilt, zoom and dolly, within the gamut permitted by a trackless camera system.

Great looking programs just got a lot more affordable!!

Social Sanchar 1 – Live Event Video Production & Streaming, with Skype Video, Twitter & SMS
TogetherVCAN is a Mumbai-based NGO that is involved in numerous civic and social initiatives for the betterment of the citizens of Mumbai. This was the 1st in their series of events, called Social Sanchar, which aims to bring senior government officials closer to the people. The guest was Dr. B.K. Upadhyay, Joint Commissioner of Police, Traffic who took questions on issues related to vehicular traffic in the city. Since not everyone can travel to be a physical part of the audience, this was live streamed and questions came in via Skype video, Twitter and SMS.
Social Media Week Mumbai 2014 – Live Event Streaming, with Google Hangouts
Social Media Week is a worldwide movement celebrating the manner in which Social Media brings together and benefits people, communities and business. This was a 5 day event and live streaming was required to be done for the most important days – the Opening Day and the Closing Day. One session was to be done via a live video chat using Google Hangouts, with many guests from around the world. The on-stage moderators were shot using video cameras while the other Hangouts participants used their webcams and all of this, including the streaming out, was done in real time, using AB-LiveTM.
On the left are the links to the video streamed out of Google Hangouts.
TIN 1st Anniversary – Live Event Video Production & Streaming, with Twitter & SMS
The Indian Networker is a confluence of various networking groups like Google Business Groups, Rotary International, Giants, TiE, BNI, etc. Every month they hold an event where invited guests meet and interact with upcoming entrepreneurs. For their 1st Anniversary, they wanted the event to be live streamed (16:00) so that many more could get a feel of what happens at such meetings. Their events often have audience members live tweeting the talk show and all such tweets were displayed on screen during the event, live! The entire video production including Social Media integration and live streaming was done usingAB-LiveTM.
AB-LiveTM for Education & Live Events – How it works
AB-LiveTM is a versatile video production and live streaming solution, primarily educational institutions, live event organizers, television producers and video editors to create, mix, stream and record amazing-looking video content. Chroma key video technology (Green screen shooting and integration) has become a viable option to give a professional and sophisticated look to such video productions. This video explains how AB-LiveTM can be used by Educational institutions. The integration with Skype video chat enables any event organiser or educational institute, to be able to view the opposite party in real time thus having a truly engaging program/event.
2D/3D Virtual Studio Sets on – Online portal
Not every television program is shot using real (physical) backdrops and props. Chromakey technology (familiarly known as green screen technology) allows you to use a single colour (green or blue) background while shooting and thereafter, replacing that with a computer-generated set – also known as a ‘virtual studio set’. There are various virtual studio sets solutions like NewTek, Inc, VizRT, Ross, etc. and their users can now browse, select, purchase and download ready-to-use sets from our ( shopping portal. This “How-to” video walks you through the various steps on how to go about using the portal.
CHOICE HDTM– The Latest Online Wedding Mixer
For many years, the Indian wedding videographer had just one option when it came to making wedding videos in the unique style and type required by the Indian wedding industry. With the introduction of ChoiceHDTM , a unique 4-input HD video production and mixing solution, they now have another, viable and cost-effective option to create wonderful looking wedding videos. The product has all the necessary features and functions that can be used with specific wedding-related content in different languages and for different events. This product is also designed for covering live functions generally associated with Indian-style weddings.