Who We Are

In April 2013, a team of professionals from diverse backgrounds came together with a single passion – to make a difference in the manner in which people use computer graphics.  


April Broadcast brings together about 200 man-years of wide-ranging experiences…
…from Broadcast Television to Architecture & Engineering
…from Game Development to Defense & Homeland Security
…from Enterprise Applications to Video Editing & Mixing
…from CAD/CAM/GIS to Telecom & Convergence
…from Image Processing to Coding & Programming.


Our team has an extremely strong development track record – having built world-class, award-winning Virtual Studio solutions for Broadcast Television, Cable Channels and Education Broadcast. The desire to open up and grow beyond what we were doing, to realize our true potential and in the process create something valuable prompted us to set up April Broadcast.


The venture: new
The approach: fresh
The experience: rich
The ability to deliver: proven
The benefit: an unbeatable advantage for you  


Thanks for stopping by and if you see something interesting here on our site, let us know. Your feedback will help us to continuously raise the bar on our own performance, eventually benefitting you and the community at large.


A beginning has been made; the (ad)venture has just begun and we see exciting times ahead. Do let us know what you need to make you the reason of your customers’ success.”Sandeep Ohri (Founder)


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